Our family loves The Provision Kitchen. During the week, we used to get dinners to go or eat at restaurants. We love to cook on the weekends, and now, thanks to TPK, we can enjoy delicious, home cooked meals at home during the week as well. We are so thankful to TPK for providing healthy, organic, locally sourced meals for our family. We have tried several meal deliveries and TPK is by far the best. Give TPK a try - you won’t be disappointed!
— Jenifer Keenan
I’ve been ordering from Jessica for a couple of years and am thrilled for the evolution of her business to TPK. She has been a life saver for me as a busy professional with little time for cooking. She’s provided me great meals for evenings at home, items for a tailgate, pot luck, cakes for celebrations and more. I would highly recommend you give her a try. She knows food so well and is a stickler for great ingredients. You can’t go wrong!
— Julie Seitz
As a very busy mom of three with a fulltime job and a penchant for health and nutrition, I am always looking for ways to feed my family nutritious meals made from high quality, nutrient-dense, responsibly-sourced ingredients. Commercial options are often not reliable, and cooking from scratch is not always practical with my schedule. I was so excited when I first heard about TPK, and have absolutely loved everything I’ve ordered. Jessica’s menus have also inspired me to use more traditional cooking methods when I do cook at home—no more microwaving!
— Amanda O'Keefe
As a loyal customer since long before TPK became a real business (Jessica has told me that I was actually her first customer!), I can unequivocally attest to every facet of what TPK is committed to. Most importantly, every single thing that comes out of Jessica’s kitchen is beyond delicious. And the enjoyment is only increased by knowing that every ingredient meets her rigorous standards, which are way higher than my own. For TPK, local and organic are the bare minimum. With a deep understanding of nutrition, farming and food supply, TPK adds a focus on fermentation and probiotics for optimum nutrition. Our faves are too many to list, but we have loved TPK’s butter curry chicken, stuffing, sauerkraut, Brussels sprouts slaw, mini quiches, chicken liver pate, and so many more beautiful dishes. I can’t recommend highly enough!
— Laura Strickler
I am not a very good cook and I have a very busy schedule, so I often resort to pre-prepared meals when my husband (who is the cook in the family) is travelling. However, I was finding it difficult to find meals that were made with high quality, locally sourced ingredients. A friend recommended The Provision Kitchen, and I could not be happier. Jessica’s dishes are delicious, and I know that she has prepared them with food that is organic, and not loaded full of the hormones and preservatives that are routinely added to the foods generated by large commercial agricultural companies. And the quality for the price cannot be matched. Thank you, Jessica, for providing this wonderful product!
— Meredith Young
I have ordered several dishes from the Provision Kitchen and they have all been delicious. Very easy to reheat or cook because Jessica provides detailed instructions. If you are looking to spend less time in the kitchen but still eat a healthy meal cooked with organic ingredients I highly recommend placing an order. You will not be disappointed!
— Abby King
I have had TPK’s food several times and it has always been amazing! Jessica’s food is nutritious AND tasty, which isn’t always easy to find. Jessica’s passion and dedication for cooking with wholesome ingredients and using traditional cooking methods is evident with every bite of her delicious dishes!
— Elham Bagheri
As a food writer, I have pretty high standards for the meals that I (and my family) eat. Quickly-thrown-together, assembly-line food just isn’t going to cut it for these taste buds. Jessica takes such great care in her meals - from the ingredients used to the rigorously-tested recipes to her impeccable preparation; it really comes through in the quality and flavor.
— Allyson Reedy
Another great dinner from The Provision Kitchen! The stuffed peppers were wonderful. We have tried 4 different dinner deliveries and TPK is by far the best! Thank you Jessica for providing delicious, healthy dinners for our family.
— Jenifer Keenan
We have ordered from the Provision Kitchen several times and are so impressed. Last night we devoured the lamb and lentil stew discussing the various flavors the entire time. I love the variety of international options each week and knowing that everything is prepared with the best seasonal ingredients and care.
— Jennifer & Erich Long
A meticulous eye for ingredient sourcing and perfectionism in technique, Jessica elevates the deceptively simple to the sublime. And that’s what good cooking is all about. And she’s done all the hard work and research for you. A great service.
— Michele Nielsen
The Provision Kitchen absolutely made our Thanksgiving. The stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and gravy were past delicious — especially the stuffing made from homemade sourdough. They were all delivered in oven ready form, so coordinating the cooking on Thanksgiving was almost as enjoyable as eating the finished product.
— Tracy Steen
Jessica has made many meals for my husband and me, and everything has been absolutely wonderful. We have many favorites, but I think her chicken potpie, turkey chili and avocado chocolate cookies are the best.
— Jody Thompson
I have had the pleasure of eating Jessica’s chicken-liver paté, and it is delicious! So delicious that my husband and I ate it all up in one sitting. We are committed to eating the best foods we can, raised in the most mindful way possible, and so is Jessica. I love her food and can’t wait to try more!
— Sally Robertson of Treffynnon Farm